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Thread: Beta test time penalty

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    Please return the previous off-season. Penalties for jumping and reducing prizes, recaptured the desire to enter the game. The off-season with jumps made it possible to find many friends, the game became more interesting and more fun. If this happens further, then I and many others will lose the desire to play

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    Quote Originally Posted by JJay View Post
    I really hope that Playrix won't spoil what is one of the most enjoyable parts of the game for many players. Hopping has given Township a unique distinction among online games in that it has allowed so many players to come together and create a real community. If allowed to continue it would mean continued interest and participation for many long term players for whom the game was becoming stagnant, and create good publicity on various social media and appstore websites to entice new players.

    Like many I have seen the answer Playrix gave to people who queried the reduced co-op goal prizes during the last interseasonal regatta, ie. that it was done in response to appeals from other players who felt hopping was unfair, even though Playrix themselves stated that it wasn't against their rules.

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    I can understand why they took the action they did, but I now hope that they will also listen to the appeals of players who view hopping as one of their main reasons for continuing to play the game.

    Surely a compromise can be reached somehow, rather than completely ruining Township for so many people. Reduce the prizes if necessary, but don't take away social interaction, one of the major selling points of the game, not only for people who hop, but also for others, like Kitty4715 above, who would be penalised for no reason.
    Perfectly said Jay!

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    As a non-hopper, I was convinced so far that it were the Hoppers who made it impossible for us to win Regattas.
    I have recently discovered that it is mainly the big spenders on Tcash who control the sailing competition and not the Hoppers.
    A week of hopping can simply not provide in that amount of Tcash to race at full speed for all four weeks of the season.
    Reading hear about how social hopping is for most of you, I therefore change my mind and ask on behalf of you:
    "Playrix, please do not change the possibility to jump in and out of coops and don't punish your players, hopping or non-hopping, with lower achievements in the interseasonal regatta"
    Main I'm still not a hopper? In my four-players-coop the interseasonal is the best way of working together with a lot of fun.
    And who am I to take that same experience of playing with fun away from you!?!

    BTW: I am really curious what the real complainers about hopping have to say after reading your stories....

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    I am completely agree 100%

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    I am new to hopping, only done it the last two seasons. I love it!! It's not just about the rewards, it's about meeting new people and getting away from the the pressure of the regular season.

    When I'm hopping I send much, much more time on the game (I would think that's what you want).

    Please don't ruin hopping just because some people don't understand it.

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    Dear Playrix,

    I absolutely agree 100% with Marisa31’s post.

    Please let us continue to have fun with rivals and friends in our week off
    from real racing. And let us be able to visit others/change coops even
    if not hopping. And please give us some kind of reply about this soon..


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    Quote Originally Posted by Marisa31 View Post
    But we weren’t in it just for rewards. Hopping week became a friendship week. Hopping blurred the borders between us and our countries, it reconciled fierce GLB rivalry and for that one week between the seasons it united hundreds if not thousands of players. Russians and Chinese, Brazilians and Italians, Spanish and German, we hopped, and we shared laughs and the love for Township.
    I've been playing Township over a year now. I was not so involved on any other game. Month after month I studied the strategy of development of my small town. Feeding animals, byuing buildings and factories. I found a wonderful coop of good friends. And then the game went beyond the ordinary game - we met hopping week! And got a great opportunity to make connections with players all over the world. The language barrier is not even a barrier to communicate and play together. It will be such a pity to lose all of this.

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    Взаимодействие и коммуникация между игроками это одно из ключевых и уникальных явлений в такого рода игрушках.
    На неделе прыжков, встречаются вчерашние соперники, и сообща выполняют задания.
    Кто не хочет и кому не весело, те и не принимают участие, ведь это добровольно.
    но русскоязычные игроки с огромным удовольствием встречают ребят из Америки, Германии Кореи и языковой барьер оказывается не барьером во все.
    Именно после недели прыжков команды из 30 ти человек стали перемешиваться и собираться в сообщество из 15 ти и более стран.

    Закрывая этот проэкт, вы тем самым лишаете ваших игроков общения между собой. На неделе прыжков, и вы не можете не отметить это, что показатель пользователей в сети как никогда высок, нежели в любые другие недели.

    Плейрик, услышьте своих пользователей! Неделя прыжков нас объеденила и дала возможность познакомиться друг с другом. Не отбирайте эту одну неделю в месяце у пользователей. Не превращайте игрушку в заурядную ферму.

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    dear Playrix, Township Mobile's developers.

    "i hop to see you, i hop to say 'hi' again
    in fact, we've rarely meet in seasonal week. so, please take your time to accept my invitation

    happy hopping

    -Unaf, Wafer Nabati Hopping Coop"

    i hopped since the very beginning of hopping era.
    i followed "hopping stars" to req join their coop, i keep my eyes on group chats looking for coop tags shared, i hosted my coops again and again because i just cant let my guest got delay penalty 'that time', i kicked them all out, disband my coop, and start to host another coop.
    but in the end, i have them asking me whether i need them to kick me out so i can hop or not. i got my "early hopper friends".
    then system changed, invitations required to hop.
    well, nothing to say but that's just improved how friendship is really important for hopping! you don't get invitations if you have no friends.

    hopping connect me to my old friend from my former coop & friends i met in facebook but never played regatta with. it also make me meet new friends, some friends only hopped to same coop, some friends really become my good friends in facebook. i hopped to meet friends and to make new friends.

    it's wonderfull, and only in Township i made a friend like this. this is what make Township unique and so fun to me.

    enough for the my hopper-friendshipping story.

    someone said that hopping is player's "gold mine", gives in-game reources for them but kills developer's "gold mine" because some players not buying TC anymore.


    i agree with idea of you selling "tickets" for hopping, instead of just selling TC and kill hopping.
    hoppers will buy those tickets again and again like they buy your TC before.

    hope you consider this, thank you.
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