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Thread: Beta test time penalty

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    Beta test time penalty

    "Hopping" week is FAST, FURIOUS, requires COOPERATION, is INTENSE, and ADDICTIVE. All traits of an excellent online game with tremendous potential. Thousands already "Hop" and the potential for monetization is huge.

    Instead of making changes to prevent "hopping" create a inter-seasonal week "hopping event" and setup things to encourage it and still make money.

    You could monetize hopping and create a whole "league" of hoppers!
    - Create a Coop type and make it "regular" or "hop"
    - Use the "hop" type coop to control the behavior of the "hopping event"
    - Limit the number of "free" hop coops someone can make in a day with a modest tcash to unlock more.
    - Don't limit "jumps" between hop coops - allow first n# for free, then tcash for a packet of n# jump tokens
    - Codify the "types" of hops (Barn, Combo, Regular, Full) and mark each new "hop coop" with the type of hop
    - Set rules for exactly how to play and set rewards for each hop "type"
    - Alter the number of prizes at each level and when they are rewarded
    - increase the number of people who have to participate to get to the winning award level, but not too much to keep it fast.
    - Award prizes to the Hopper with the most hosted hops
    - Award prizes for the most "helps" in hop week
    - Award prizes for the most tasks done during hop week
    - Run hopping during inter-seasonal and make it optional for townies. They can do a regular interseasonal, or "hop"
    - Setup a team of hoppers to help set rules and determine new capabilities in the "hopping" week. (I would volunteer for this)

    Think about it! The game already supports the ability to "HOP", just tweak it to make it an included part of the game and keep the energy and dynamic-ism that exists in the hopping community.

    Thousands of members do hopping and really enjoy it. I know it started as a way to increase rewards and I understand your want/need to keep the monetization high in the game, BUT, I can honestly say as much as i have enjoyed regular Township, I was blown away in the "hopping" event!!! You should be harnessing all that energy and drive to keep existing members interested and encourage new ones! Hopping is a real opportunity to add a dimension to the Township game that would really bring members to the game.

    I am a power player who competes for GLB and am pretty good at the main game itself. I resisted the "hopping" bug until recently, then tried it just to stop the nagging of my coop group who had tried it. WOW! I was deeply involved for all 5 days - little sleep, constant chatting, building hops, doing hops, "meeting" people! I was hunched over 2 tablets and my phone for days - up early, staying up late in case I missed something. It was exhilarating and exciting and really brings me in further into the game in a way regular Township doesn't! And I really didn't care that I got little tcash for my efforts - I was too busy having a ball!!!! And it wasn't just me - it was everybody!! You really need to harness this instead of trying to kill it. Don't tell me you can't do this - I work in the industry and I know this would be fairly easy to achieve. I could even do the design docs for you and setup your sprint plan.

    Please consider.

    Tanya ($0$ TCE Tulsa)
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    Quote Originally Posted by Tanya Rhodes View Post
    Don't tell me you can't do this - I work in the industry and I know this would be fairly easy to achieve.
    oh... pity, it was good up until here. Do you have to do with (positive) communication as well in your industry? ;-)

    Main comment: It would be good, if the Devs get such input from someone who knows hopping (instead of complaints only about changes). So the suggestion is to send your ideas via ingame report also, cos chances are higher it reaches Playrix' Devs that way.

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    No, I am not in the talking heads part of the industry, but I am and have been a developer among other things. My point was that this would not be a difficult change to the platform and to make the point that I am one of "them" and understand their problems and please give me the time of day. More flies with honey y'know!! LOL

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tanya Rhodes View Post
    ...More flies with honey y'know!! LOL
    Yes, exactly, and convincing seems better than condescending, too, but funny, other Devs posting here don't seem to like that. My hint in that regard was you had better arguments than claiming you know their program.

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    I work with these folks all the time and am used to convincing them to implement new ideas. I'm hoping the positive message catches their eye! Thanks for your feedback on my put up!!

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    I get that Playrix is a business and is not providing our entertainment free of charge. I'm sure some members have stopped buying tcash because of hopping, and Playrix has lost income through it, so why don't they think outside the box and instead of spoiling the social aspect for everyone and losing players, charge a small tcash fee to join a co op after the 4th hop instead of imposing a lock down - at least then players have choices!

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    Open letter to Playrix from a devastated hopper

    Dear Playrix,

    I have never really thanked you for introducing new way of Interseasonal regatta almost a year ago. At the start it caused tensions in coops, seemed boring and not worth the effort. But then we discovered hopping, and it started a whole new chapter for many of us.

    For once you gave us a great opportunity to earn some seriously awesome rewards; not measly bricks or slabs, but highly valued barn materials, lab boosters and tcash. We loved every bit of it, we got hooked.

    But we weren’t in it just for rewards. Hopping week became a friendship week. Hopping blurred the borders between us and our countries, it reconciled fierce GLB rivalry and for that one week between the seasons it united hundreds if not thousands of players. Russians and Chinese, Brazilians and Italians, Spanish and German, we hopped, and we shared laughs and the love for Township.

    But for reasons known only by your devs you, dear Playrix, didn’t like it, and last week you surprised us with rewards that was slashed by 3! times. Hey Hoppers, Christmas came early for you this year. Not! We were annoyed, we cursed, but we persevered and kept hopping. At the end of the day, it was still more fun doing it than chasing precious chests.

    You didn’t stop though. Yesterday my baby town received beta version of your coming update, which left me absolutely gutted. You delivered a blow below belt. You increased the maximum time penalty for leaving a coop all the way to 24 hours (it starts with no penalty, then 30 minutes, 2 hours, and then the penalty increases at 2 hour increments until it reaches 24 hours); and what’s important, even if I get an invite to a coop, I can’t join until my penalty runs out. The invite button is grey, I can’t press it and get a message that I can only join another coop once my penalty runs out.

    This will put an end to hopping, so I am urging you to reconsider and not implement this change in the next update. Hopping created a unique community in Township universe, the one that no other games have. Hop week is the week where walls are broken down between rivals, and there is no line that divides “me” vs “competition”. If you go ahead with the changes, the game will again turn into a snoozefest for most long term players. There will be no more adrenaline rush, no strengthening of existing friendships, no forged new bonds. Township will lose its appeal to your loyal players, who discovered the special dynamics and social aspects created by hopping; and it’s not just likely that they’ll stop playing, but it’s a certainty that they will find other games instead.

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    Well said and I agree 100%.

    Although rewards were slashed last week, it did not stop us from hopping. Because it is not about the rewards entirely when we hop.

    The chat groups and interactions we built and new friendships we made were priceless. It was a week of fun every hopper looks forward to.

    If us earning “too much” rewards was a concern to you, then keep the slashed rewards, but don’t introduce the penalty time for joining coops too even with an invite.

    Many thought racing every week in seasonal regatta ie getting boring hence having a week of fun in between seasons was what’s keeping them playing. Taking this away is cruel, and makes us feel you don’t care about your players that truly love your game.

    Please reconsider and don’t move forward with the new time penalty for joining coops. I’m sure we can work together with you to find a middle ground, if you are willing to listen.

    I buy tcash myself, so this is coming from your customer. Please listen to us.

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    Yes Iam accepting with Marisas quote that Interseasonal regatta is being worse ! I hope you will hear us !

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    I understand why cutting down the rewards had to happen. Yes, it was upsetting, but it didn't stop me hopping with friends new & old. Playrix, you managed to make a community with people from all over the world, from competing coops play together. This is a HUGE achievement! Not many others can boast on such a large scale people working together. . . We townshippers adapt to every change you make to the game. Unfortunately, some people cry louder about changes than others. I think you will find hoppers are generally the ones who will go with the flow, take changes in the game in their stride and make it work for them. BUT, changing the amount of time it takes you to join a new coop leaves us, (I feel) without a compromise. You have changed interseasonal due to people complaining hopping is cheating, yet it is not. Though I get why you need to react. Hoppers understand & are happy for you to try and find common ground to ensure those who don't hop are happy. But perhaps penalizing hoppers with the change of time being able to enter a coop is slightly too much?

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