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Thread: Alarm Clocks & Paper Airplanes

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    Alarm Clocks & Paper Airplanes

    The alarm clocks are awful, but what's worse is the paper airplanes don't interact with the alarm clocks when it seems like the clocks should be the priority.

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    I agree completely. The paper airplane algorithms need serious adjustment.

    Sometimes, the planes are just plain useless, or worse, actually can ruin a level for you. Airplanes need to be coded to achieve the most beneficial results for each level's specific goals. In levels with alarm clocks that can end a level even before our moves are used up, they ought to be the priority.

    Also, they need to be adjusted to not take off until the other pieces on the board have finished moving. It's ridiculous that airplanes often take off to hit a piece that would be useful but then totally miss the mark because the pieces hadn't finished moving yet.

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