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Thread: Smaller, 'Detail, decorations ... E.g....

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    Smaller, 'Detail, decorations ... E.g....

    Single flowers, flower pots, grasses, bushes, plants, more fencing, rocks, seating, tree stumps, rubbish bins ... the list is endless.

    The aim is to give our designs depth and texture and a bit more realism. These types of decos would need to be size appropriate and occupy 1/4 of the current smallest plot/spaces.

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    You realize that you are asking Playrix to redo the whole basic grid, don't you ? And to modify the whole database of objects for a new size. A 1 square becoming 4 squares. I really doubt they will do this ever.
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    No I didn't realise that. I've zero knowledge of coding or development. I'm just a player and didn't think it would hurt to ask.

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    It might be a little troublesome for them but considering the vast profits they make off of this game, it is not out of the question to ask. It would certainly add a level of depth to decorating our towns in this game.

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    They wouldn't have to redo the whole basic grid. They could literally apply the same base coding they use for the "wild park" that they already have in game to allow for advanced placement of sector by sector objects within a predefined single square grid.

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    Thank you Daniel. I was thinking that in my undeveloped areas there's more detail than we can get from decorations. I guess that's why I thought it was doable.

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    Good suggestion. I love the boulders. Would love to be able to place them around town just like the single square wild flowers, flower boxes and trees we can buy now. I also like the moss and flower covered log.
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