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Thread: Zombie Race!

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    Zombie Race!

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    Wood Level Zombie Race! Week starting July 23, 2019.

    Z O M B I E R A C ES

    GOCverse Co-ops will host another Township Zombie Race during the First week of this new regatta season (July 23, 2019)
    We have had 20+ Zombies racing in each of our Zombie races this year. We have even had Nine coops get in the same races!

    We Welcome all Township players and all level towns are welcome, this is a fun opportunity to race those baby towns.


    Zombie Racing is where Solo Wood Level Co-ops “race” to see who can win.

    What does “win” mean to a Zombie? Well, in a Zombie race the rules are determined by the previous race winner. It can be Lowest Score, Highest Score, dump penalties added etc, the previous winners can get quite creative.

    Requirements: 1000 coins (to create your own Zombie Wood co-op), doing 7 tasks if you want to "win", one balloon a day the following week (for the Winner) and Messenger for the Chat group and to post results….. plus have fun!

    We usually do two or more coordinated delayed starts so we can get grouped in the same regatta races.

    If You Would Like To Participate, Or Would Like More Information...
    Please send me a PM here on the forum, or send us a message at our Facebook Page, GOCverse Co-ops.
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