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Thread: Health challenges & Township

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    Health challenges & Township

    Hi Everyone! I've played for a little over two years now. I've found through the game and forums that many players use Township as a way to cope with health problems like chronic pain. I'm one of the users that lives with physical and mental health issues, and the game has been a welcome distraction for me. There have been times that Township made being bedridden tolerable, and I've made friends that cheer me up!

    I'd love to hear the experiences of other players. What positive effects have you found? Have there been any negative effects? Do you have any limitations that make aspects difficult? Any suggestions for improvement?

    For example, I've seen mentioned in the forums that some events aren't user friendly to those with arthritis (or who are left handed!) The ability to choose left or right side mode would be appreciated.

    Looking forward to hearing from others!
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    I have chronic throat discomfort/tightness (extensively discussed about with my therapist) which causes me to force coughing, which also triggers a chronic post-nasal drip as a standard body response, which causes me to cough more, etc. As a way to counter that, I tried to find a way to occupy my time and mind, and so management games came to mind. Township was a surprisingly good way to fill most of my time (drawing aside) thanks to its ease of play and the easygoing atmosphere, and more and more my ol' bad habits and the pain are starting to fade after 2 years, which is an excellent sign!

    Latest event (Italian restaurant) roasted my brain though, if that counts. Why did all the pasta had to look the same!? XD

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