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Thread: too many times

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    too many times

    just a suggestion for the developers. I am fast loosing interest in the game because so many levels have to be played too many times unless you pay$.

    I sometimes pay, but it should not be the norm. Is very frustrating. I just got a free hour, and spent the whole hour on one level that I did not pass. Too much guys.

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    That does sound frustrating. I just finished a frustrating level, too. I finally managed to complete it, but like you, I had to use the better part of my infinite life reward to complete it. It didn't help that the boosters were actually ruining my chances rather than helping me.

    They need to find more of a balance, imho.

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    I agree. ALSO extremely frustrated at a level that asks for 65 blue books and its an easy level. I constantly do well and there are NO blue books. I have screenshots. How do the developers expect you to get blue pieces when there are none. Come on guys. Thats not acceptable.

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    i just spent my 3 hours of free time on 1 level and still did not beat it. Just like you said i to am losing interest in this cause this happens all tthe time and tired of it.

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