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Thread: Update the game fair for everyone

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    Update the game fair for everyone

    Hello good afternoon

    My name is Filipe, i play your game for a few months ago, some of my friends recently download your game too, but today we are almost at the same level, and they have mutch more of the house finished, maybe you had update your game and people that plays for more months cant do the house faster. I think that you really need to fixe that ishue becouse its really frustrating when you have more 50 levels than your friends and they almost finished ther room and you almost start it. I hope that you can solve thar problem to me, thanks, and if you need more information about my acount at the game send me an email, thanks and please solve that problem becouse that desmotivate those millions of people that play your game. Thanks and be fast please, maybe you can give the stars that you need to update the house to de new version.
    Thanks, Filipe and i will waint for your email

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    This is something I mentioned several months ago. It's one of the reasons I became frustrated with this game. After those of us that started playing this game at launch got down the road by several hundred levels, the developers changed how many stars it took to buy things by lowering the number needed. However, when they did that, they never refunded the rest of us the extra stars or even some gold coins to make it more equitable. Unfortunately, I don't believe they ever will.
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