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Thread: Offshore wind turbines, and possibly other clean energy sources.

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    Offshore wind turbines, and possibly other clean energy sources.

    In addition to the hydroelectric power, how about adding the wind turbines as a water device, not the land-based ones. Solar collectors also might be good too. They should be relatively cheap to encourage their use.

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    These are cool ideas for decorations in town. I especially like the solar collector one. I'm a big fan of renewable energy and clean air and water!

    Also, it would be cool if they added a hot springs we could buy.
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    Alternative energy sources

    Would love to see solar farms and wind turbines as an option to power our towns. We could win achievement s for having an eco friendly township 🙂

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    I would also like renewable energy decs or community buildings. I've seen wind turbines in a few of the Mac townships but haven't found any to purchase.
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