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Thread: Reduced time for Regatta task refresh

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    Reduced time for Regatta task refresh

    The 30 minutes to wait until a new task appears is a long time to wait. Why is there such a long wait time? Our Co-op members wait so long for a task and we can't stay on that long. We miss tasks or don't get any for a long time. We have all spent cash to speed them up, but are running out. It's ridiculous to wait 30 minutes.

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    I agree it is so stupid, there are few things they need to change in time amounts

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    I know this has been requested a lot and I would love to see it changed too. imo...a new task should pop up immediately when one has been taken (not dumped) and those that are dumped have a wait time of 15 min vs 30.

    This was suggested for sure back in 2016:

    With all the different headings...I could not find the others. Could be they were in other posts whose subject was not related.

    This one...not too crazy about:
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    As log as teams are paying to refresh tasks Playrix has no incentive to speed it up. I limit spending to 200 tcash per week, so I do not pay to speed the task bar. It often takes more time to get a doable 135 task then to do the task. I am with you bookworm, 15 minutes would be more reasonable. We are a 2-member team and dumped over 350 tasks to get 32 tasks. Level 159, barn 2085.

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    There are other 'limits' with the regatta's that need to be addressed, as well.

    1.) YACHT CLUB:
    We save up the earned points for some mostly TRULY LAME "gift" choices. If you can't come up with seriously desired/needed choices for this function, then why bother with it at all? Thanks to the already stingy nature of these devs, there is an ever-constant need for pretty much everything. The only coupons you can offer are for the gut-punch "increase your barn capacity by 20%" (until we rip the rug out from under you two lousy days later). And 'turn on the lights in the mine'...who gives a damn if we can see when there are no tools to use because the task demands are SO outrageous and it takes a century to replenish them?? If you've had me use 70 picks on one lousy task, then stop flooding my task list with mining jobs!! I HAVE NO TOOLS LEFT!!!I ALSO: I don't have a ZOO. Don't want one. STOP ADDING ZOO TASKS TO THE LIST FOR PLAYERS WITHOUT THEM!!! I actually got completely SCREWED in the last regatta because I accepted a "question mark task" ...when you accept it, you're expected to complete it. I couldn't, I had to dump it. It counted against me and I was instantly out of the running for the race!! THAT is TOTAL BEE ESS!!! FIX THIS HUGE FLAW!!

    I started my own co-op. I have ONE member. ME. JUST HOW IN THE CHRIST DO YOU EXPECT ME TO WIN THE RACE OR EVEN COME CLOSE WHEN YOU HAVE PITTED ME AGAINST A TEAM WITH TWO OR MORE MEMBERS??? HOW IN THE HELL IS THIS FAIR?? They EACH get the same number of tasks that I get, they automatically get double my score!! It's POINTLESS for me to dedicate the time and energy for a predetermined outcome of DEFEAT. You can't see the lunacy in this? You have SET ME UP FOR FAILURE BEFORE WE EVEN START!! Why would ANYONE volunteer for this kind of stupidity?


    3.) TIME/WAITING: devs KNOW the wait time on EVERYTHING IN THIS GAME is ludicrous, or you wouldn't be pretending to 'help' with the ALSO TIME CONSUMING (BIG surprise) INGOT -EXCHANGE system. Do you GET that we all have full-time jobs and family responsibilities that severely limit the amount of time we can spend on the pursuits of a cartoon city? Do you CARE?? I'm going to go out on a limb and say that you DEFINITELY DO NOT. But you should...because lack of consideration for your players is a great way to cause them to leave the game and warn others of a trap. It's the number one reason people walk away from these things.

    I could go on for hours describing how many things in this game need to be addressed and fixed. YOUR PLAYERS ASK AND ARE DENIED THE MOST BASIC OF NEEDS. THIS SCREAMS 'INDIFFERENCE ' ON YOUR PART. Really smooth, guys.

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    You know, Cyphre, here on the forum you‘ll meet mostly other players just like you. I don’t like to be yelled at ... and I suggest you write your grievances via ingame directly to Playrix.

    For your information concerning the number of players: coops are paired with corresponding numbers of racing players. So, if in your race are coops with more than one player, only one is racing. You can check that for yourself.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Zimbelstern View Post
    You know, Cyphre, here on the forum you‘ll meet mostly other players just like you. I don’t like to be yelled at ... and I suggest you write your grievances via ingame directly to Playrix.
    well, for a newcomer to the forum that is not really obvious, as Playrix described their forum at first as "talking with us". Look esp. at Wishlist and Troubles subfora.


    Only lately they made it clearer, when reworking the rules and the Welcome post (and still mainly there).

    I would assume, though, that yelling at the Devs from which one wants changes won't have the big success either. *g*
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    You are welcome to avoid my posts, Zimbelstern... Reading them is OPTIONAL.

    Secondly, I HAVE directed my complaints to Playirix directly, an obvious plan that has both fallen on deaf ears and in one case resulted in Amazon feeling so responsible for one of Playrix' developer errors that resulted in an unintended purchase, that Amazon felt my complaint was quite valid and reimbursed me for that developer error.

    And thirdly, thank you for underscoring the entire reason I have posted my thoughts here, because SO MANY OTHERS FEEL EXACTLY AS I DO. But you're COMPLETELY WRONG about "only one player is racing" in a multi-member co-op. The end score doesn't lie. Ten tasks at 135 points per task is 1350. The "winners" in that race had well over 2,000 points. I'm no mathematician, but any seven year old can tell you this is unfair. I stand by my original post.

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    Thanks Dreadnought. IMO post 5 could do with a few [...]'s also
    We have honey in game, must remember to add vinegar to the wishlist. Catching flies would be an interesting variation on the fishing Minigame.

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    Quote Originally Posted by JayS View Post
    ...We have honey in game, must remember to add vinegar to the wishlist. Catching flies would be an interesting variation on the fishing Minigame.
    Made me smile, JayS. Thanks for lightening the mood and helping to keep the forum fun and friendly. Barb

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