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Thread: Everybody opted in to racing

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    Everybody opted in to racing

    Just noticed that my status has been changed to racing. As has everyone else's I can check.

    I am assuming this is something to do with interseasonal week, as I know opting out has no effect this week, but my status has never physically been changed before.

    Not very happy about this, not comfortable with anyone even the developers being able to change settings in my town.

    Plus I can see issues first week of next season if people can't get back on to opt out before the race starts.

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    This happened last interseasonal and did reset back to not racing with out issues
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    Ok, take it back sorry...just been pointed out to me that the wording in additional settings has changed, only refers to seasonal regattas now.

    Sorry...shutting up now.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ashdust View Post
    Sorry...shutting up now.
    That's ok Ash - I feel like I went on that whole emotional journey with you!

    I'll leave the thread up for the benefit of anybody else who hadn't noticed it either.
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    edit: pls don't delete yet. Thanks.


    No need for sorry at all, Ashdust, I meant to post about this also.

    I noticed that all of our Coop are set to racing today, after the regatta ended. Checked another Coop I know, with many baby towns - all set to racing. (that will be "funny", if it stays that way, as it happened to us lately.)

    I am not aware of this change, and would say it didn't happen before in this universal form - what is the reason? why is it necessary (for IS week)? where is it described officially?

    If that was done before, it might be an explanation why one of my Coop members was set to racing in one of the last regatta weeks (not all) - that (unsolved by Playrix) issue is the main reason why I don't trust in this being so harmless.
    When will these (absent) folks be set back to not-racing??
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    _DD_ Apparently it was the same last Interseasonal.

    The option to select if you are racing or not now states "Take part in seasonal regattas"

    My setting still shows me as opted out right now, but in the co-op building I am shown as racing. So assuming it changes back to my setting next Monday.

    Seems to me to be a needless complication.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ashdust View Post
    _DD_ Apparently it was the same last Interseasonal.

    .... So assuming it changes back to my setting next Monday.

    Seems to me to be a needless complication.
    definitely needless, and
    even IF it was the same last IS week, that doesn't explain anything.

    IF the change of the wording in Settings means, their program displays "racing" in interseasonal, it's simply bad programming - work only half done.

    And as I have seen someone NOT been set back to not-racing, I don't buy it as sooo harmless, as said already.

    I really find Playrix' style of having us exchange assumptions very annoying here again.
    Where is the official description/explanation for this change of setting?
    and why is it needed?
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    Here is a link to a post Nevada put up when they made the changes to ISR:
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    At the risk of throwing in more assumptions:

    Look at it from the opposite point of view. In the past, the "Co-op building member list" accurately reflected the "racing" status from each player's settings.

    However, during the Interseasonal Regatta, *everybody* can participate regardless of their opt-in/out status for the regular (seasonal) regatta.

    Some people were very confused when they saw their status as "not racing" in the co-op building yet were told that everybody could take tasks, some didn't even try to take tasks since the co-op told them they were "not racing".

    Now it's flipped, during interseasonal *everybody* is shown in the co-op building as "racing" because they can take tasks and their seasonal status remained unchanged in their individual settings. Unfortunately the confusion has flipped as folks who know they are opted out see this as an unsolicited change to their status.

    It seems that, to paraphrase, you can confuse some of the people some of the time but can't get all of the people informed.

    Personally, I think it's because they've chosen 2 values (racing / not racing) to represent 3 states (racing / not racing / interseasonal participant) in the co-op window. A better solution would be to come up with a 3rd word to be used only during the interseasonal week to say "All Sailing" so some such "non-racing" term.

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    I think once you have someone who understands it explain it to you it makes perfect sense.

    Would have been nice if we had been told it was changing though to stop people like me over reacting.

    Would be even nicer if we could opt out of Interseasonal week altogether. Right now if I want the week off I feel guilty about the extra work this puts on the rest of my co-op. (Not that they would make me feel bad. They are too good for that... )

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