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Thread: 06.05 The Jungle Quest Event: How to Play

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    06.05 The Jungle Quest Event: How to Play

    Hi, Townshippers!

    The Jungle Quest Event has already started!

    Please have in mind that THE RULES OF THE TOURNAMENT have changed a bit since the introduction of the Holiday Deliveries event 💥
    So check out these tips on how to become the best explorer:


    • Drive the off-roader to the treasure to finish the expedition and to receive additional stars for each successful treasure hunt 🚚
    • Tap anywhere on the screen and hold to build bridges of the right length between the pillars. The longer you hold – the longer the bridge will be 🌈
    • The length of the bridge is limited though, so in order to collect all stars and to keep your progress safe we recommend to build bridges to each pillar 👷
    • If the bridge is too short to reach the next pillar or too long and overlapping the truck will fall and you'll have to start over or continue with T-cash 🏅
    • If you choose to quit the expedition instead of completing it you still keep the stars you have already collected, but you lose the additional stars you would have received 🌠
    • Hit the center of pillars with your bridges to get more stars. On top of that, the middle part of all further pillars will expand, making them easier targets 🎯
    • Use bonuses to build perfect bridges and get more stars. Please have in mind that their effect is time-limited 🔔


    • The tournament and the leaderboards unlock once you've reached your first personal goal 🏆
    • The stars you collect for reaching pillars are counted towards your personal goals. For the leaderboards, you need to collect pillars and to ride as far as you can without falling ⭐
    • Even if the truck falls and you quit the ride you still get credit – both stars and pillars for your record (in the levels finished in succession + pillars in the level that you quit). But your next record will start calculating from scratch, and you'll need to beat your previous best score to move up in the leaderboards 🔼
    • Your best score is NOT the total number of the pillars you collected during all your runs. It's the number you've covered without a fall with one or more continuous attempts🖇
      For instance: you've finished 2 levels of 10 pillars each without falling, but you fell and quit at the next level after reaching 3 pillars. It means your tournament score is 23 pillars — it’s the score that will get into the leaderboard. To improve your position in the leaderboards you’ll need to collect 24 or more pillars during one of your next rides.

    How’s your journey going so far, folks? 😅💪

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