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Thread: Louisiana--Germany Connection

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    Quote Originally Posted by JJay View Post
    Seems like jalapeños is international
    It seems so I looked it up now on a few translation pages (cos Google translator, which I use most often here, claimed right away it is an English word *G*), and they all are great at adding other words (esp. pepper) and translate THAT, lol, but for German and French, all that was changed was leaving out the ~ over the n.

    ...and I've also managed to confuse people in other co-ops before by making jumpers at the tailors rather than sweaters, lollies at the ice cream factory rather than popsicles, and collecting prawns from Fisherman's Isle instead of shrimp(s), and a few more .
    ! exactly those! (and that PINK colo(u)r is so fittin<g>!) I'd have a guess now where YOU are from, lol!

    Language is definitely fascinating to me, too.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Monaco View Post
    Well, as I live in a tourist region (Chiemgau/Chiemsee) I would anyway suggest to visit it. Its great landscape, the mountains, the lake offer many possibilities to spend time here. But my heart beats for Lake Constance and Freiburg (also tourist regions) with the Markgräfler Land, near the borders to France and Switzerland. I especially like the mentality of the people living there. If you're looking for landscape, the Altmühltal, Fränkische Jura, Schwarzwald, Odenwald or Bayerischer Wald could be nice places. If you want to meet people, maybe cities like Cologne and Berlin would be recommendable.

    Sorry to have been so long away (3 weeks) before answering. As everyone knows, real life can keep us away from games and forum conversations. I appreciate the ideas of what to see when I get to Germany. I have P.M. to DD, so I will say here, as my life goes, it will be several years before I make it to Schönes Deutschland! I will hopefully still be involved with all of you and get very specific guidance at that time! Vielen Dank.

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    One Eye you are wellcome and maybe we can show you some nice places in a few years
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