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Thread: Not enough stars to advance the story?

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    Not enough stars to advance the story?

    I just beat the last available level, 4180, and I don't even have enough stars to finish the wonderland area and unlock (what I assume is next) the archipelago area. Have people done this? Did you really have to earn hundreds of stars doing the dog training event that rarely appears anymore? I just think it's kind of odd to advertise the new story in the update notes and have no reasonable way to get to it.

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    Usually on Thursdays, sometime, they release another 35 new levels of Gardenscapes. Then you can earn more stars and move the outer game forward of enhancing the garden. After you've used them up, you have to bide your time until the following Thursday to get more stars and move things forward again. You can play the chests/keys games if you want, but it takes 15 levels to get anywhere. (they get boring after a while.)

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