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    The Jungle Quest Decor

    Hi, everyone!

    The Jungle Quest Event is just around the corner β€” take a peek at the groovy decorations awaiting you πŸ¦‹

    Are you guys ready to jump into a new adventure?

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    Oooo! Nice Venus fly trap! Think I'll be needing at least one of those. Time to go expand my jungle area in anticipation..

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    Ooh I love them Anna! Thanks for showing the decs for the Jungle event. I can't wait, I want all of them. With the new expansions in last update, it means I will have space to show them in my town .

    The devs have done a fantastic job with the decs lately, so a big thanks goes out to them .

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    I love animated decorations.....good stuff Township! Perhaps the devs could work on animating some of the community buildings, such as the cafe.
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    Thanks, Anna and Playrix grafix folks! I'm especially glad to see there are new townspeople as photographers about

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    YES! My wild zoo needs all of these. I especially love the bat cave and there's always room in my ape area for more chimps.

    Is the bridge a decoration too? I want it, although I do wish the sides weren't lined with grass so it could be put across a river instead of a puddle. I have the same problem with the love bridge. It's pretty, but fairly pointless as bridges go.

    But still A+. I havent been playing much lately, but I'll definitely come back for these decorations!
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    I don't post much on the forum anymore...usually just when a new update drops, and these days I probably come off like an old crab complaining about one of the new changes...but I have to give credit to the team for these decorations! Very excited to see so many NEW decorations, and I always appreciate any theme that incorporates nature into it. Plus, I'm getting a real "Legends of the Hidden Temple" vibe from some of these decorations which makes me very nostalgic (hope someone gets that reference!). Thanks Anna and the rest of the Playrix team! I anticipate buying multiples of these!

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    If the venus fly trap reaches out and grabs the townsfolks as they walk by...I am so getting it!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Twilight Bookworm View Post
    If the venus fly trap reaches out and grabs the townsfolks as they walk by...I am so getting it!
    LOL! I suppressed mentioning it earlier, but also thought immediately about its animation...

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    Wow!!!! Those are some really neat decorations and no repeats
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