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    Quote Originally Posted by Twilight Bookworm View Post
    If the venus fly trap reaches out and grabs the townsfolks as they walk by...I am so getting it!
    It doesn't even get the butterfly that is flying around there!

    Quote Originally Posted by Nana View Post
    Yes, Score - very pricey decor. And what’s with the kiwis? How do they fit in with this event?
    You need the kiwis (and the other temp items) for making the fuel - and lots of it - and for making the temp item in the sugar factory. Just had two fuel orders already that wanted a jungle map. - Probably also for heli orders.

    And I am also very disappointed about the 5th event reward, the cow thingy, AND the prices of the other event items. I don't/didn't want the cow-thingy and the boat... but buying all others, as nice as they are, with tcash... I don't think so.
    It was a good start, Playrix, having more new deco again, but this is... disappointing. And that's the polite wording already.
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