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Thread: 04.05 Star Cows Contest!

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    Betsy would need to sell 189 bottles..... (to be precise 188.571429) ....... happy star wars day, Anna!
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    It seems Betsy would have to sell 189 bottles of milk - sounds like quite a challenge! May the force be with her

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    Betsy would have to sell 189 bottles of milk.
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    Betsy should sell 189 bottles of milk.

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    Betsy would need 189 bottles ☺

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    Hi, guys!

    Thank you all for joining the contest. However, I have to note that the task was to figure out milk's price on the Market, not from the Barn 🤔👇

    Unfortunately, no one gave the correct answer. But we've decided to reward 7 randomly chosen participants anyway just with a smaller prize — 90,000 coins.

    Congrats to Kiki123, King Falcon, shante, Snow's town, scorekeeper, JayS, SumSum 🌞

    Please keep an eye on your PMs to learn how do get your prizes.


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