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Thread: 04.05 Star Cows Contest!

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    04.05 Star Cows Contest!

    Hi, guys!

    At least she tried, right? 😜

    A question for you, Townshippers — how much milk would Betsy actually have to sell on the Market to get those jelly fruit slices?
    7 best entrepreneurs will hear the jingle of 100,000 coins shortly!

    Best of luck and Happy Star Wars Day 🚀🌞

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    Betsy would have to sell 189 bottles of milk

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    Hi Anna,
    I think 189 litres must be produced. Pretty much work for Betsy. For some jelly fruit slices.

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    189 whole bottles,
    Or 188 whole bottles and 0.5714285714285714285714285714285714 of a bottle, no spillages allowed

    (Shouldn't that be jedi fruit slices?....groan..)
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    If she's selling crates of 4 for 1320 coins then just 4.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ashdust View Post
    If she's selling crates of 4 for 1320 coins then just 4.
    (M) Ooh well-spotted Ashdust!

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    She must produce and sell 188.57 or rounded up 189 bottles.
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    She would have to sell 188.57142857. Oh...Ok...fine...round it up to 189.

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    Poor Betsy... 188.57, rounding up 189. She definitely deserves extra feed.

    Thanks, the contests!!
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    Betsy can attempt to sell 4, but i would need to sell 189
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