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Thread: No Einar

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    No Einar

    What happened to Einar riding up on his scooter when it's time to spin the wheel?? I see the wheel to play, but I no longer see him coming down the street when it's time. Did he trade in the scooter and now he's waiting on a Harley?

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    LOL! I admit I didn't really look, but thought it was a bike... lol!
    for me, he's still there. - Android, Build version 3.3.2

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    Well I have an iPhone 6 plus running IOS 12.2. If there was an update I missed it, but I just started noticing this in the last couple days or so. As I mentioned the wheel shows up to spin, but he's not on the street on his scooter like before.

    Very interesting............

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    ah, it was the Gardenscapes version I mentioned above; I thought maybe I have an older version on Android.
    As far as I noticed, GS sometimes seems to update simply when the game is started; it takes LONNGGG then, so I thought indeed you might have overlooked an update. Why they would take Einar away, is beyond me, though. Is he still in Austin's book? (or was that Homescapes? lol)
    Anyway, if you have the same game version, you could/should maybe report it ingame?

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    OK, I think I know what's going on. I'm on level 3811 and with all the areas of the garden 'completed', I'm now in a new section which I have to tap a sign to get to. I guess the game is now programmed that since I'm in the new section, Einar may be in that section now and not in the old. I'm also noticing the apple lady "Annie" is now among the missing. I guess she's in that new section too.

    I haven't started restoring that part of the garden yet, but I can guess once I switch back, there they'll be. BTW, I've got 1450 stars so I guess I should start using more huh??

    OK...........I think the mystery is now solved!

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    Just opened up my game and yup............there she is! In the new section! I'm actually at level 3816 which means I don't have that far to go before I'll have to 'wait' for new levels.

    I'll have to wait till tomorrow to see if Einar shows up in that new section and then I'll know all is well.

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    Quote Originally Posted by MrObsessive View Post
    Just opened up my game and yup............there she is! In the new section! I'm actually at level 3816 ...
    lol, that is so far away from where I am that I didn't even think of that solution. Thanks for reporting back!
    hey, maybe Playrix created that to keep you entertained in these heights, Sherlock
    Crossing fingers that Einar will be recovered from the move, too!

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    Alright! Einar did show up today...........he's by the "guest house" in the new section. All's well with the world!

    Very clever how they do that.........instead of endlessly swishing around your screen, you tap a sign to 'open' the area to the guest house.

    I'll soon have that area finished and then it's on to the next.

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    Glad to hear of this outcome! although it means no Harley for poor Einar...

    you'll soon have that area finished?! well, I guess at lvl 3811-something, you can be confident about that *g*.
    Happy gaming!

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    Yes, once you get high enough to have completed the main house, all the action switches to the Guest House area -- Einar shows up there, and the Fireworks, Lightning, and Apple "games" live there too. (But, if you try to get the extra decorations, you have to shift back to the main house to handle them, and then move back to the guest house to move the game forward.)

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