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    I think the one area where this game has really gotten off balance is in the acquiring of diamonds. Diamonds are probably the most valuable reward, and yet we receive them for doing the simplest of things like feeding our fish and watching ads - and then only occasionally, as sometimes we receive coins, instead, and now we rarely get to watch ads. We might also win a diamond or 2 when we win a game. We used to get a chance to win diamonds in the daily clam, but no more. There are also no diamonds in the aquatasks. I used to be able to build the number of diamonds up fairly quickly, but right now, for example, I have been stuck under 9 (the number needed to buy 5 extra turns), for 3 or 4 days. That shows you how rarely we get them. I would like to suggest adding them back to the daily clam (we won’t always win, but at least there is hope), or even 1 or 2 in the aquatasks. I had mentioned this once before, but also in the winning of a game on the first try. Win one diamond on a regular level, 2 on a hard level, and 3 on a super hard level. Doing this wouldn’t fill our stash with diamonds, but at least give us the chance. I know you want us to buy diamonds, but many can’t justify it, and doing just a few of these things might help. Thanks for listening.

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    Accumulating diamonds certainly is a problem. The levels have become so difficult to win, even with boosters, that 9 diamonds for 5 extra turns are needed to win almost every game. I have to wait forever to acquire the 9 needed diamonds. When I finally get them, they are immediately used to try to win a level I've been stuck on. Then the process starts all over again.

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