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Thread: piggy bank confusion

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    Question piggy bank confusion

    do i have to open the piggy bank everytime with real money??

    i thought its a once only thing

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    No and no. See also:

    Quote Originally Posted by Bessville View Post
    ...If you put "Piggy Bank" into the forum search, you'll score numerous hits discussing it. But for a quick explanation, see here.
    and it's worth reading on there, f.e. here:
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    oh ok ... . at least i got some cash now.. haha maybe i fill it up agian

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    That's the same thread Downton linked you to in response to your last post about the Piggy Bank, here, btw, Karin. You really should take time to read it when someone seeks out information for you - they're doing their very best to help.

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    well, opening it is your choice; not filling it would be harder.
    Hope you noticed the Search function also, Karin; and you're welcome...
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