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Thread: Signs to use

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    Signs to use

    Anyone know how to get the cow sign that waves it’s arm?

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    Assume you mean the "Good Old Rancho Sign" that was available the first time "Wild West" Season came around (Oct. 31 ~ Nov. 27, 2017)


    Look HERE and scroll down to the items available in the Yacht Club for that season.

    Wild West seems to be coming back as the next season (after the upcoming Interseasonal Week) so maybe it will be available again.

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    Quote Originally Posted by trulifetab View Post
    Anyone know how to get the cow sign that waves it’s arm?

    Do you mean this sign?


    If so it was a dec from the yacht club for the Wild West regatta season in 2017. See wiki yacht club for more details .

    The good news is Playrix have been repeating some regatta seasons, although not every previous dec is available as they add a couple of new ones alongside some old ones. So you never know it may be possible to get the sign in the future .

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    I've been wanting that sign, too.
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