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Thread: Tool Exchange

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    Tool Exchange

    I cannot believe how hard it is to upgrade buildings now. I have consider closing my co-op and just playing other game. However, I think I will just not buy anymore buildings until the tool exchange is changed. I send trains back to back all day everyday and it has taken nearly a week to even come close to being able to finish my building. This is just ridiculous and everyone in my co-op is also upset and considering not playing the game.
    I love this game! Can you please do something about the tool exchange some can keep playing this wonder game!!!
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    My thoughts exactly. My spouse is also close to quitting.

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    The great tool exodus

    I know you are in it for the money that desperation to finish a building puts in ur pockets, but to say that you will not make any changes to how to store 1000’s of tools separately or apply them gradually to projects is not an option? That just lazy customer service, I don’t mind spending real money, but the whole zoo habitat tool requirement and comm building tools is too much. Either we can use it as we get it, or I will sell it all off, and probably quit soon after . That will definitely be your loss, cha-Ching!

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    Unfortunately as someone has previously mentioned on this forum, I think despite all the unhappiness, it is not enough for Playrix to take action because:
    1. the number of new users joining is able to cover the number of users that leave (at least as of now);
    2. there are some hardcore players who will continue to spend large amounts of money to buy T-cash to bring them further in the game. For this population, it is much harder to cause them to be disillusioned. So for now Playrix can still roll out such changes without worrying about backlash;

    Unless (1) or (2) changes, there may not be a reversal any time soon.

    Personally I am approaching level 60, possibly in the coming weeks, which is when Town Exchange kicks in. I will wait and see how bad it is, considering what I'm reading so far from so many different people. It is, of course, a shame to hear so many loyal long-time players complain and say that they want to quit. I am perhaps nowhere as committed to the game as them but I would think it is fairly stupid for a game to simply disengage this group of players.
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    I like the tool exchange. I have completed the last 4 community buildings using it. Instead of having to store about 300 materials all at once, I only need to have about 150 to complete my building. I use the remaining spots for more crucial items.

    While not the best solution, this is Playrix response to the countless suggestions that begged for “new storage for building tools”

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    Tool Exchange

    Everyone asked for separate store for upgrade materials, not something you have to exchange your materials for more materials though. You have to trade what you need to complete your building for more tools you need to build your buildings.

    It is an endless circle 😤

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    Having had it for awhile now, I'm actually OK with it although I was upset about it at first.

    I am working on the levels where you don't get a new CB each level so I have plenty of time to build up the materials and tools needed for the next building. I am not even half way through level 75 and I already have what tools are needed for the building available at level 76. Only a few more of the glass is needed and I should have no problem getting that by the time the building is complete since it takes over 2 days once I buy it.

    Now, I will agree that it was very frustrating for me when it came out. I was in the middle of building the lighthouse and had to wait for the tool exchange to be completed before I could even start to exchange for tools. That building took me over a week to get everything needed. But the next building (skyscraper) I had everything needed when it was ready for the tools/building supplies.

    I just use the wiki to see what tools and building materials are needed. Then I only exchange using the 2 building materials not needed for the next building. Then I will start building up for the next building. I don't hesitate to dump a shelf in the exchange either. Having all 3 shelves is also a big help... highly recommend buying the extras.

    Also, I have not yet built the zoo so needing the materials for that are not applicable to me. I actually like not having that stress as well. I'm not even sure I will ever do the zoo. If I did have it, I would more than likely ignore it and concentrate on the CB's.

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    Weird, it actually seems easier for me and I have more barn room

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    This tool exchange has been an additional thing we need to stay on top of, which is bad enough! AND NOW it has also had a huge impact on zoo construction. I still have to save materials if I want to complete zoo enclosures but, can’t do that when you are trading these for tools, by the time you finally get what you need, it’s time to start over getting ready collecting tools for next C.B. When the zoo first changed the way it worked, I hated it, but after awhile, I began to see that I could use my access materials in the zoo, so even though I was not big on building up the zoo, I got into it because they had finally found a way to keep it flowing nicely, so I was on board and started working on my zoo! Finally happy to see them make a change that actually helped the players! No sooner did I start pouring effort into my zoo, than the tool exchange launched and completely shut it down again and now, I’m back to how it was before zoo changes, I don’t use or work zoo at all unless I have to for at task. I’m frustrated with tool exchange and zoo and have decided it’s time to just take a break from the game. We have had 3 members already “take a break” due to frustrations and they have yet to return.
    My team is all saying same thing, Every change makes it more difficult for players. Less enjoyable and more frustration isn’t why we play. Even knew players may stick around halfway through levels, but eventually they will get wise and leave. To bad they don’t care about how majority of current players feel. I have at least 2yrs or more I could continue playing. So do most of my friend and comop members.
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    It shut my zoo down also, sadly. I cannot build community buildings and zoo structures. 😖

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