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Thread: How To Contact Township Support (iOS/Android/Kindle)

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    How To Contact Township Support (iOS/Android/Kindle)

    Hey Townhippers,

    In case you're having issues in the game kindly contact our Customer Support team in an in-game request. Please have in mind that the steps below are relevant only for the version on IOS and Android (both Google Play and Amazon). If you need a guide for the Windows platform, please check out this thread.

    1. Open the game, tap the ‘Settings’ button (blue gear icon on the left) and tap ‘Help and Support’ to review the FAQ pages.

    2. Choose a relevant category for your question.

    3. Check out the articles to see if you can find your answer in them.

    4. In case you didn’t find a solution in the articles, tap 'No' at the bottom of the window.

    5. Tap the 'Contact us button'.

    6. Once again, choose a relevant category for your question.

    7. Describe your issue, attach all necessary screenshots and tap the ‘Send’ button.

    NOTE: If you can't get into your game to access Customer Support you can contact us via this automated form.
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