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    Quote Originally Posted by Downton View Post
    Well now Anna has clarified that sharing CS replies that include useful info providing names are removed is still allowed. Ruud you are able to share those if you wish to add them again .
    Thanks, Downton
    It would have made live easier for me last days if explanation was given, even in a small PM
    So a new try, fingers crossed it stays this time.

    After the answer of CS that level of doubles increases just by using them, I sent out a few new messages.
    I simply couldn't believe that the increasing was a penalty for just playing the game.
    And then came the final answer from CS.

    So I proudly announce this search tour is being completed
    Thank you for your positive contributions in this journey of discovery with sometimes unexpected challenges.
    My patience and perseverance have been tested and found to be good. So the only real answer is:

    The doubles set can require 10, 15 or 20 cards. That number depends on the number of animals you have already collected.
    The more animals you have got by now the more doubles you need to complete the set.
    If you have less than 120 animals you need to collect 10 doubles.
    After you have reached 121 animals you doubles set will require 15 cards.
    As soon as you reach 150 animals, 20 cards will be needed to complete the set.

    Happy Towning
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