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    How are levels in Double Card Box categoried?

    Since the update of early April the Card house in the Zoo had a little change.
    The box to collect Doubles is now classified in three levels.
    It seems that the first doubles box is 10, then 15, then forever 20.

    It is just a detail but U know my love for details, so I like to find out how these levels are classified.*

    A small investigation this time and since I already have a box at level 20 it is more a 'Nice' then a 'Need' to know but:

    - at which amount of Animals your Doubles box level changed from 10 to 15 or from 15 to 20?

    Thanks in advance for your help in this delicate question


    The answer =
    The doubles set can require 10, 15 or 20 cards.
    That number depends on the number of animals you have already collected.
    The more animals you have got by now the more doubles you need to complete the set.
    If you have less than 120 animals you need to collect 10 doubles.
    After you have reached 121 animals you doubles set will require 15 cards.
    As soon as you reach 150 animals, 20 cards will be needed to complete the set.
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