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Thread: Having problems visiting other towns :(

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    Having problems visiting other towns :(

    Is anyone having problems visiting other towns or is it just me? I'm trying to access other towns to respond to their help requests but it just keeps loading and nothing happens I thought it was my internet connection but I can access the internet fine. Besides I'm able to play the game lol. Just cannot go to other towns

    Update: seems my internet connection is indeed the culprit. Switched to a different provider and all is good now. (can't seem to delete this message though )
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    No such problem for me. Could be one server having hiccups.
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    I also have this problem once in a while. When I select a town and it keeps loading (buffering circle), I simply select a different town than the first one and that will fix the problem for all towns.

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    I have this problem today, can't get to other towns to help or visit. All other parts of game are working. My barn is full!!!!

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    I'm having the problem since the update. Not the loading issue, but it's almost like there's not even a button there. I can get to a town from the coop list, but no one from my friend's list

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