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Thread: Stuck on very hard level

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    Quote Originally Posted by Boobs View Post
    Finally unstuck. Patience. Keep playing until the algorithm gives you some boom booms. After it realizes you are not buying anything no matter what. Btw, how did a penguin from the Antarctic wearing a top hat get in not my closed system aquarium in the tropics?
    That penguin is Mr Goldflipper.....and he takes care of the leaderboard during comps....

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    Quote Originally Posted by Boobs View Post
    I have been stuck on 177 four days now. I could probably get past it if I were willing to spend my diamonds on boosting my time or if I were willing to use my power ups however I am not. I believe you should be able to beat the game without this crap. So this is the hill that I'm willing to die on if I have to beat my head against the wall for the next 3 years to beat this level without any of those aforementioned things than that is exactly what I shall do. I don't care about their contests. I don't care about the stupid seahorse or the stupid penguin. And I surely don't care what that judgmental little disapproving purple octopus thinks about my refusal to extend my time. that judgmental little cephalopod can go take a flying leap at a rolling donut.
    Man you are one angry Boob(s).....
    It’s just a game.

    But it’s designed to make you so mad at not being able to beat such an easy level, because, they want your money.
    And the algorithms are designed to make you spend money, it’s the Law Of Averages that is on your side.
    No 2 levels will ever be the same, so eventually you will get a level that you can beat.

    Try to relax and play tactically, study the board, if it’s not to your liking, then reset it do not lose a game life.
    I’m on level 4321 now, without spending any money.

    I get my boosters and diamonds from watching ads and taking part in comps, plus the daily clamshell bonus too.

    It’s a game, you have to outthink & outmanoeuvre it with your special talents.
    Don’t let it make you angry and acrimonious.....

    Good luck
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    943 уровень, сделала как вы сказали, вышла из игры и потеряла жизнь. Почему?

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    Я сделала так и жизнь пропала...

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