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Thread: Stuck on very hard level

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    Stuck on very hard level

    Why are some of the levels made to be so hard that it makes us want to delete the game?
    I can handle losing several times but after about 50 I start wondering if maybe I should be doing something better with my time and money.
    I am on level 3450 for several days now.
    There should be some way to get hints or something after we play the same level more than 50 times.
    Or maybe automatic boosters every 50 times would help.
    So far boosters haven't helped on this level though. I rarely get halfway through the level each try.
    I am so sad.

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    Have you checked to see if there is a youtube video? I was recently stuck on a level and felt the same way. (I’m not as far as you, though.) It was at the end of the Easter event and because of that I was unable to get the third prize in spending eggs. I have just resigned myself to not getting upset over these things. But I literally thought this might be the end of my playing. It was level 3088 which is a sliding screen and you even get a nuclear bomb set up at the beginning! Because of that, using boosters ahead of time don’t really help. I really don’t know how I won - there must have been more bombs that showed up that helped. I was also out of all boosters and diamonds, so except for spending money, there wasn’t much I could do.

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    I’m on level 3991 now, and let me tell you that they do not get any easier....
    They get harder and super hard and supernova hard then astronomically hard.

    I have spent zero money.
    I play using my head and tactics, seem to work for me, although I have been stuck on some levels for hours, and sometimes a few days, but I eventually win by gaining boosters from Aquatasks and the clam shells daily reward.

    Good luck

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    They make hard levels because they hope you'll buy extra coins and power-ups to get through them faster. It's how they make their money on their free games.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bethany Clarke View Post
    They make hard levels because they hope you'll buy extra coins and power-ups to get through them faster. It's how they make their money on their free games.

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    I have been stuck on 177 four days now. I could probably get past it if I were willing to spend my diamonds on boosting my time or if I were willing to use my power ups however I am not. I believe you should be able to beat the game without this crap. So this is the hill that I'm willing to die on if I have to beat my head against the wall for the next 3 years to beat this level without any of those aforementioned things than that is exactly what I shall do. I don't care about their contests. I don't care about the stupid seahorse or the stupid penguin. And I surely don't care what that judgmental little disapproving purple octopus thinks about my refusal to extend my time. that judgmental little cephalopod can go take a flying leap at a rolling donut.

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    Finally unstuck. Patience. Keep playing until the algorithm gives you some boom booms. After it realizes you are not buying anything no matter what. Btw, how did a penguin from the Antarctic wearing a top hat get in not my closed system aquarium in the tropics?

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    I am hanging out for a while on 184 on purpose. Racking up lightning puck merges. Unless I accidentally solve it.

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    I've been stuck on super hard level 2265 for two days now. I've replayed this level over and over again and with having 340 fiefdom friends I've never ran out of l8ves until now..wth!!??..I don't seem to be getting anything more than the firecrackers because no other bomb formations appear..I've bought explosives and diamonds but still don't clear the level..I'm bored with this level and wondering if I should just move on to play other games..I've never had this much trouble with a level noe have I ever ran out of lives to where I have to request lives from friends..geez..

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    The fact is that no 2 board levels will ever be the same setup.
    One of my tactics is to reset the level if it’s not to my liking.

    Like this:
    Hit the cancel game button
    This will take you back to the main screen

    **you do not lose a game life**

    Then hit Play again
    Now take a look at the board and see if it’s to your liking.

    One thing to note is that the software itself will show you if there is a ‘ready to be made’ in game booster.
    It will highlight a move that it recommends.

    If there is no ready to be made in game booster, I reset the level again, and again, and again.....
    Until there is a booster that is ready to be made.

    How many times you reset a level will depend entirely on your level of patience.
    I have lots of patience, makes up for having no ability to make in app purchases....

    The maximum I’ve reset the level exceeds 30 times.

    It’s up to you to try this or not.
    But I like the fact that I can keep resetting the level until I can see a ready to be made booster.
    It helps a lot

    Also, if it’s not a timed level, don’t the board, and look for what the software is recommending what your next move should be.
    If you take your time, you will cut your ‘lost games’ by 50%, guaranteed.

    But you need to be serious and have a PMA! (Positive Mental Attitude)

    Good luck

    By the way,
    I’m on level 4321 as of today.
    I have spent no money, ever, on games.

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