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Thread: 29.04 The Newest Update is OUT

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    Quote Originally Posted by Nevada View Post
    Scrummy - scrumptious - delicious - tasty...

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    Quote Originally Posted by _DD_ View Post
    oh, that's much better. phew! (in that case, Downton, you get a 2nd!)

    Checked again (also, cos I don't know scrumptious either, lol), and it seems only the German translation there is wrong. And Leo-org says even "superlecker" for scrummy - and adds a note "Brit.". *G*
    Thank you very much .

    And lol at the translation!

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    Hello everyone! I am extraordinarily happy with the amount of work Playrix puts into Township, but I have to know.....WHEN is the next update with those precious otters coming out??

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    Since the update thread started off mentioning the color blocks game, I figure the update will come out shortly before this event goes 15 days. Just a guess.
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    We usually get one a month and as the trend has been around the final week or so within the month I’m hoping we get it at least a little sooner than two weeks. But who knows
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