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Thread: Levels should have a move on limit

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    Levels should have a move on limit

    Some levels just make you want to screammmmmm. Of course , "coincidetally" when you cannot win something they get easier but I think when you have played a level say 50 time and/or have use three bombs etc it should clear for you...not necessarily give it to you but switch a new board in. Sound good to anyone.

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    Yeah, it’s rigged. Greedy B’s.

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    I agree that there really should be a limit. I am at level 621 and I am officially through with this game. it has become a job and I am retired and if it is not fun, you have lost my interest.

    What a shame you are sadistic and make it hard to move along. Trying 2 days 3 times a day to beat the level and getting nowhere.

    Very nice graphic, ideas and I love to build but like I said, I am finished and I hope others get tired of the BS and stop beating their brains out for nothing. Life is better than staying with a bunch of stupid developers.

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