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    Side Games

    For the last several weeks, maybe since new update, I have not seen any side games such as Hermann's Bathscaphe or Captain Swift, etc. I constantly get Sir Goldfinger, which as soon as one event ends, it starts over. Is anyone else still getting these other side games? I do get Rachael the seahorse for a few days each week.

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    Nor I........
    They’ve disappeared........

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    I agree. Wasn't the last one March 21st which was a month after the prior one? I'm not keeping track. I seem to remember this info from an earlier post.

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    They now posted the calendar in the in-game news section.

    It looks like the Hermann event (the revamped Deep Dive with a lot of vouchers) will be taking place once a month, in the beginning of that month.

    That's... not very often :-)

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    Well, they all made a comeback this last week.
    I scored big, won 1st place in my Ruby League, then also got that platinum horseshoe from the Seahorse.

    But since I’m on level 3991 now, it’s very very hard to hang on to it, the levels are getting harder and the Fishdom ‘adaptive software’ will not allow lightning boosters to get side by side in MANY instances, whereas before, they would have.

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