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Thread: How do I join a regatta team?

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    How do I join a regatta team?

    Wanting to go to a different team, can't figure out how to join 😏

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    Quote Originally Posted by Boogie94 View Post
    Wanting to go to a different team, can't figure out how to join ������
    By joining a different Coop.
    You can only join a Coop, when you are NOT in one So:

    leave your current Coop.
    Find a new Coop.
    Enter there.

    Steps 1 and 2 can be exchanged/switched.

    For finding a new one, if you don't have one in mind yet: look through the thread with Coop ads here in this subforum. They usually describe also how to contact them.
    Or you post an advert yourself in the thread for players.

    You can enter an open Coop right away.
    For a Coop with status "by request", you go to the town of a member and click on the Coop symbol bottom left to send the request, if I remember correctly (someone pls correct this, if not).
    For a closed Coop you need an invite, which means one of its members must be your ingame friend.

    Good luck
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    Quote Originally Posted by CLYDEVILLE View Post
    You can join my co op
    Best to send a private message if you want to discuss recruiting a person, Clyde, rather than doing it in public - just tap the person's name on any one of their posts to see that option
    As Township Moderators, we maintain the forum according to its rules. We are not Playrix Staff
    - How to contact Township Support
    - Co-op Ads thread, co-ops seeking new members may advertise their team here.
    - Player Ads thread, individuals seeking a co-op may advertise themselves here.

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    Also consider what kind of team you want to join. Do you want to join one where they are serious about the regatta where they expect everyone to race and do all the tasks a 135 points plus a bonus task or are they more casual. Be sure you know your style because if you don’t you will end up in a team where you won’t be happy.

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