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Thread: Garden (Green) Cash

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    Garden (Green) Cash

    I am trying to figure out why I am having so much trouble earning Garden Cash. I am at level 1160, so I have played lots of hard and super hard levels. I play every day and I play most of the events. But I don't have enough hours in the day to finish top 3 in most events, so I have to settle for the 30 cash you get for finishing "in the money".

    I was able to complete both treehouse decors rather easily this way. But I have barely put a dent in the others. I am doing them in order, and I have only three of the Enchanting Oasis (Fountains Area) items and none of the others.

    Has something changed in order to make the other decors so difficult? At the rate I'm currently earning cash, it would take me something like 20,000 levels and several years of gameplay to finish the decors. Because after 1160 levels I am only finished with Treehouse and less than halfway through Fountains.

    I have read elsewhere that some people have more cash than they can spend. Are these people winning every event they enter? Otherwise I just don't see how it's possible to get that much cash.

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    I'm having the same issue. I'm only earning garden cash by "hard" and "super hard" levels, and not by regular levels.
    Right now I'm at Level 1989.

    Looking forward to hear from you guys

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    I can only play the FIND KEYS . It takes me 15 games to get 80 green dollars. And that includes 5 Very difficult levels

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    I might be all wet, but I always thought it was set up that you don't get the green dollars unless you beat a hard or super hard level. I'm at level 3804 (a hard one) and I can see if I win I get the green dollars.

    BTW, the further you get in this game, the more frequent the hard levels show up. I no longer see the super hard levels and can't remember the last time I've seen that. It's been quite some time.

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    4 months later...

    I haven't been playing as much, but I have played another 400 levels. That was enough for me to finish the Fountains Area decor and two items in the Monuments Area.

    But now I have noticed that decor items in the other (newer) areas cost much more. Some single items cost 5000-8000 green cash. That's just insane! Even if I were to somehow win first place in an event like Bumper Crop (never gonna happen), that only pays 750 green cash. The hard levels pay 30 green cash, so that's not going to get me anywhere near enough.

    How in the world is anyone getting enough green cash to pay for these decor items?

    There don't appear to be enough levels in the game for me to get anywhere near enough garden cash to finish the decor areas, so other sources of cash are required. Let's say I do the impossible and place first in one event every week for a year... That's 750 * 52 = 39,000 cash plus whatever I get from hard levels along the way. That might be close. The Water Area alone costs something like 33,000.

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    I'm guessing they're wanting you to play the long game. I agree with you that its frustrating though. I'm at max level and I couldn't complete the attic because I didn't have enough levels. I also can't binge play to get green cash. They don't make this game for loyal players, apparently. But if you play for 10+years, you'll be able to unlock ALL of the green cash areas. Good luck!

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    I'm having the same problem. I haven't spent ANY of my cash so far and I barely have enough for maybe one or two items in the catalog. Either the prices need to come down or we need more ways to earn the stuff.

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