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Thread: Team Recruitment - eGaRaj

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    Lightbulb Team Recruitment - eGaRaj

    Ever pity Austin of not being able to pick up his side chick Katherine as he have no sweet ride?

    We feel ya!

    So we created this group, dedicated to help Austin to chase the girl of his dreams, starting off with fixing him a new sweet ride.

    We are only a small miserable group of 3 people, however we are the active 3 Musketeers, with your help, we can add it up to 30, so join now!

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    Homescapes is so different after joining this team

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    Thank you @babi mongolia, we appreciate your encouraging feedback!

    Hi all, do help us to achieve Austin's personal goal, with your help, we'll not be just limited to Homescapes, but we'll create a whole new genre, Carscapes!

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    Sadly we are down to the Iconic Duo, and sooner or later I will be a lone ranger, so please join us...


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