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Thread: Is it better to stay in Ruby League or to get purposely demoted?

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    Is it better to stay in Ruby League or to get purposely demoted?

    Ruby League is obviously better than the lower leagues, right? But, it seems to me, that it's only worth being in a higher league if you can actually place high enough to win a gift. Is that right?

    Here is my thinking: In Ruby League, if I push it, I can place high enough to stay in Ruby League (i.e. not get demoted). But I can't place high enough to win a gift, because Ruby League is really competitive (and I don't have enough time to play enough to win a gift). So, am I better off getting demoted to a lower league where I stand a chance of winning a gift? Or is there some benefit to staying in Ruby League (even if I can't win a gift) that I'm not considering?

    In case it matters, I'm on level 657.


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    there may be multiple answers. if you're at the top-most level (currently 4111 before they add another 35 levels sometime Thursday/Friday), maybe it's worth playing the game to stay in the top. But if you're at the top and only have the keys/chests game to keep going, you're better off not playing the game at all -- they can't demote yo if you never enter the tournament (but you have to stop playing games during that period.) If you're at a lower level -- again -- if you can lay off for a few days and not play the game at all, you retain your ruby league status. For me -- I can maintain if it's the lightning ball game, or the Apples game (since I can use Lightning to clear lots of apples). But if it's Fireworks, I might not bother playing the game at all because I'm likely to drop a league in the process -- I can never generate enough of them to rise quickly in the standings of that game.

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    Like Bells mentioned, I don't have the time to keep competing in levels. I've won the the #1 spot on the Apples competition a few times, but that was after playing for quite a while and I just don't have that kind of time.

    Believe it or not, I've got 1450+ stars that I have yet to use..........I only work on restoring the garden on the weekends as they're bound to give you 'time' with the rainbow blasts or something and I want to make sure I have the time to make use of it.

    I'm in a whole new section of the garden in fact------the "guest house"? I have to tap a sign to get that to open. It's interesting that they didn't make that landscape a part of the original garden, instead having it open like a folder or something.

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    Yes, all the new action will take place in the Guest House for a while, except for the occasional shift back to the main house if they want you to get new decorations for a holiday (like Easter, or Christmas or Halloween), or a new catalog of decorations for certain areas.

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