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Thread: Rewards for fulfilled helicopter orders

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    Rewards for fulfilled helicopter orders

    Is it me or are the amounts characters are paying for helicopter getting less?. I am seriously running out of gold coins because of the pittance they pay. I am a level 81 player and even with a double cash booster in play the amounts they pay is rediculous.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Nig Bob View Post
    Is it me or are the amounts characters are paying for helicopter getting less?...
    Not in general getting less, I'd say, but they seem to have streaks. Keep on dumping what is bad, and they should return with better offers. Might be in the 2nd "wave" only.
    So, what is bad - at your level,
    • I wouldn't accept anything below 1000 coins (and that is without booster!),
    • very important: nothing asking for multiple items (they must show x/1),
    • for the mafia man only jewel in 1-piece-amount also, if I happen to have them, and do NOT give ingots, and he must pay 1 tc for each jewel at least (very rarely he gives 2 for 1),

    and I try in general not to let anything go to zero (everything must still be refillable, from the barn, the factory shelves or the fields - NOW, not in 6 hours).

    With the double coin booster, you should get close to your (next) million of coins, well over a half at least
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    I'm with _DD_ on this, you may just be having a streak of bad luck.

    I do what _DD_ does with a couple of additions:

    Just before a regatta starts (or when an event that uses Heli-orders to obtain things needed for the event), I make sure the barn is full of items that can be produced in the factories. To accomplish this I always buy everything in the market that is *not* a crop you can grow (no "green boxes" either). I also always have the dealer available so each hour I search for whatever production item I have "least of" (excluding animal feed, animal products, and jewelry).

    I prep the helipad by cancelling anything under 600 coins (which will be 1200 when the booster is on) and, like _DD_ says, anything asking for more than 1 of any given item.

    Once the event starts, or I get a heli task in the regatta (or a coin task when they're around) I turn on the double coin booster. At that time I should have 9 orders ready to go, each one worth more than 1200 coins. Rinse / Repeat for the 2 days of the booster.

    Naturally there are other things to do in the regatta so you can't spend 100% of your time on the heli orders but you can still devote a fair amount of time to it. It's easy to accumulate 600,000 or more coins in the 2 days. The only issue is making sure you have the time to dedicate to checking the heli orders when they refresh.

    Once the 2 days are over I can spend some time refreshing the barn. If there's more regatta tasks to do or I need more coins I'll just do the whole thing over again. It can be an exhausting time but if you're trying to build up some coins for that land expansion or that new factory it is the best way I know to gain a lot of coins in the game.

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    Thanks for your additions, Charlie, I had hoped for that!

    (what, no spread sheet? <g, d & r *again* >

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