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Thread: Babylonian decor & more

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    Babylonian decor & more

    So after around a year-long hiatus because of an outdated tablet and full storage, I am now back in action and I need to admit that I'm very pleasantly surprised with all the stuff that got added while I was gone. Something that I love the most is all the decor, especially for the fact that many of them are either desert-esque or tropical-themed.

    In the past three days I unlocked all of the first three collections and can see what it is about but I do not know what the Maze area has and it appears that the Water Area hasn't gotten anything yet. SO, that's what I'm here for, some answers and suggestions.

    I'm obsessed with Ancient Egyptian and Middle Eastern architectural and natural aesthetics so I gotta ask: will we be getting the Hanging Gardens of Babylon for the Waterfall area as one of the decoration options? I would kill for something like that and I'm not even kidding. I don't know if we already have something like that in the Maze area but if we don't, will we be getting Arabic-themed decor too? I would love to see that as well because if it's desert-esque, I like it. :^)

    ALSO, I noticed that the entire mansion can get "skins" during holidays and their mini collections, will we be getting non-holiday-related collections like that too? I would really love it if we could get a skin for the mansion that turns it into an Ancient Egyptian mer-t (house) or something with an aesthetic of 1001 Arabian Nights? I'm a true sucker for something like that.

    And lastly, after getting the first place in the apple tournament, I ended up with 11 hours of unlimited lives in total and now I wonder... will we ever get the ability to choose when to consume our unlimited lives? I might be pretty lucky with my endless free time but I know other people are busy and it would be nice if we could choose when to activate unlimited lives if we got them. A storage element of some sort would be neat.

    Edit: I actually meant the WaterFALL area, not the Water area, that was completely my bad since I just recently found out that the Water area is something different.
    ALSO, adding an idea about Indian aesthetics as well. That would be just as neat.
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