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Thread: 22.04 Earth Day Contest!

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    There are two premises that I think cover every aspect of helping the environment.

    When the United Stated initiated the Environmental Protection Agency in the early 1970s, they used a catchphrase and symbol of the three R's - reduce, reuse and recycle.
    Around the same time, the United States Forest Service introduced Woodsy Owl and the motto "Give a hoot—don't pollute!"

    I have tried to live my adult life with those two ideals in mind.

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    I try to help the environment by:-

    1. Recycle: We have va separate bin for glass & Paper.

    2. Use less Plastic: Recycling plastic isn't easy, but it's easy to move away from plastic version of items such as Plastic cutlery and bottles. Use re-useable bottles, grocey bags and other stuff.

    3. Be more energy sufficient: Using less energy consuming devices.

    4. Eat locally: We have a small garden in our house where we grow a few vegetables & fruits like tomatoes, potatoes and we also have a mango tree in our house. It makes the environment neat and clean. And buying other vegetables and fruits bfrom local farmers. Eating fresh fruits and vegetables​ is a treat..

    5. Mission Green: Water the plants regularly, help the young ones in planting flowers and other small plants, help others recycling stuff.

    Thanks Playrix! For bringing the Goddess​ of Harvest back. It's one of my favourite decorations..

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    Hi, everyone!

    Thank you all for joining our contest. You guys rock and your ways to help the environment are super inspirational 💪🌞

    Now it's time to select the winners — it's up to you guys!
    The poll be closed in the middle of next week and the prize will go to the players you choose right away!

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