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Thread: Amount of areas

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    Amount of areas

    How many areas does the game has i just finished the party

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    I'm not sure of the amount of areas, but I do know that the game has gone into the 4000 something level so far. I'm at level 3369 and the game does get more difficult as you move forward. The levels can be beaten without power ups though which don't always ensure a win. Patience is key I've found for a lot of this.

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    Thank you so much but i dont aim for the levels i aim for the areas

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    I am on level 4111 but having to wait now for new levels. All I can play is look for key's. So don't hurry through or you will just be waiting like me.

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    yeah -- once you hit the top levels you kind of can only play the new 35 levels when they appear on weekends, but when they're gone, you almost have to stop playing the game until the new levels appear -- the keys games are annoying to have to use.

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