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Thread: Why do we have to wait for new levels

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    Why do we have to wait for new levels

    I have played this game from the start. I am on level 4111. Now I have to look for key's AGAIN. You don't win much doing this and it boring.

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    Because it takes time for the developers to create 35 new levels each week, but it only takes us a few hours to run thru those 35 levels.

    My concern now is that I have 3 more items to get on the Easter decorations -- and I need 1200 + 1300 + 1400 = 3900 bunny bucks to get them all. (I currently have 400 bucks in the bank.) But, since I've used up the 35 levels this week, and the keys game only generates 850 bunny bucks per playing 15 levels, I'll have to play 4 whole sequences of 15 keys levels plus another 3, in the next 28 hours, to be able to complete the Easter decorations in time. 63 worthless games in 28 hours, otherwise I lose the bonus. Yesterday they were offering double bunny bucks, which was helpful, but they ran out.

    If they're oing to do a Double Bunny Bucks offering during a few days from the end, they really need to run a Triple Bunny Bucks game during the physical last 2 days, just so that everyone can better collect all of the decorations. Don't drop back down to Single bucks for the last two days.

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    I agree. They absolutely do not give you any chance to win all the bonuses. That's really pathetic on their part.

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