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    Building Multiple Enclosures at a Time?

    Hi all,

    It's been a while since I played township and came back to tons of changes (I swear, I got like 8 tutorials in a row LOL).

    I know that building multiple community buildings at a time isn't recommended because it [supposedly] throws off the train algorithm for building materials.

    Is this also the case for the zoo? Do I only need to build one enclosure at a time? And does that also mean I can't build enclosures and community buildings at the same time since they use the same materials (even though one's in the zoo and one's in the town)?

    Or does this only apply to lower level players who may be able to build many community buildings at a time (I only am able to build the dolphinarium at this time, all others are greyed out).


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    I would still recommend only 1 building needing materials, be it zoo or town. This will lead to less frustration along the way.

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