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Thread: Experiences with a Tablet device

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    Having same issues wtth my old Samsung tablet it was 5 years old. Purchased another Samsung galaxy tab a got a great deal. Love it bigger screen its for games
    I like playing too!
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    Just to finish up on my thread, I finally got around to buying a Samsung Galaxy Tab S5e, the 128GB version. I am super pleased with the result so far. Transition from the old tablet was almost painless using Samsung's "Smart Switch" app. It found and got Google Play Store to install all the apps I had onto the new tablet all by itself. Data and other things moved over just fine. Township started right up where it left off since I was using the same Google Play account.

    Thanks for the feedback everyone provided, especially to Graylady

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    Nice of you to report back, Charlie, thanks! And have much fun!

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