I'm thinking about getting a new tablet, my old Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 is just about to die on me for the last time and I'm not about to get it fixed again. Also, it's stuck at an old version of Android and cannot be updated. So, it's time for something new.

Phone screens are just too small for me to do anything other than phone calls, maybe take a selfie. And I'm not particularly tied to an Android device other than tradition, there's nothing on my current tablet than I wouldn't lose sleep over losing (other than my Township game of course).

I'm currently leaning towards a Samsung Galaxy Tab S4, released last March but it is still expensive. The Tab S3 is a year older and has a smaller screen but the price is very reasonable right now. And then again, there is a Tab S5e due out in a few weeks but there's no reviews of it yet other than Samsung's own marketing blurbs.

I'm interested in anyone's experiences with any of those or with other tablets both for gaming and for general use.

Thanks for any responses,