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Thread: I wish the tools were not counted in the barn.

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    I wish the tools were not counted in the barn.

    Tools are not food we can sell to make room in the barn (which is too small) to then produce again. Tools are not easy to get and most of the time they take up a space that could be occupied by other things. We do not always need them, but we also can not sell them and risk not being able to finish a construction. That's why I think it would be smarter if they did not stay in the barn taking up space.

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    Agree same truant with other games and it makes you just like other game not in the mood to play futher

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    So true. Why can’t it be a separate storage like the mine???

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    Like Tracey said, I've discussed this matter with several players. It really is annoying to have Ingots, Materials etc. counted in your barn's space. Do something about it please.

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    I suggest you all read through this thread:

    Ideas That CANNOT Be Implemented At This Time (Or Ever)

    Managing the barn is one of the main tasks in this game. And yes, they really try to make it differently than other games.

    The 2nd stickied thread here in the Wishlist subforum is interesting, too, the Frequently Suggested Ideas-list, for changes where we still can hope they will be changed.

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