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Thread: Beauty Points in Easter Aquarium

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    Beauty Points in Easter Aquarium

    I see items for Easter aquarium earn beauty points. Does anyone know where they go? There are no stars to work towards in Easter tank so I cant find where you get credit for them.

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    I think these tanks will work differently. I’m wondering if you just win towards the 3 prize levels, although those don’t seem to be affected by beauty points. I suppose you would get the points if you put them in a regular aquarium. But it’s all ok with me. I removed last year’s from my Farm tank, and didn’t lose a star, which I thought was interesting. I had about 3 or 4 that I removed, so I can’t imagine I was that far above the points needed for the 3 stars.

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    Thanks for reply. Any tank I had seasonal items (xmas, easter, etc) ended up with hundreds more beauty points because of Fishdom's revaluing them. I had to take loads of items out cuz I didn't want to waste points. Tried to use in other tanks or put in storage. I have lots in storage now. Don't want to sell items back as you lose half of purchase price.

    I do wish Fishdom would explain better how seasonal aquariums will work.

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