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Thread: Changing points of beauty of the Easter updates

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    Changing points of beauty of the Easter updates

    They did it again! Which is getting tiresome. I managed to get about 40,000 beauty points out of the old aquariums, which took me about two hours. And now you need to be very careful when buying new jewelry, because now their price is not proportional to the points received. If earlier everything was predictable: the coefficient varied from 3:1 to 2:1 in proportion to their cost, now it is a lottery. For example, for an old pitcher 300 coins you get 250! Points'. And the locket 800 coins give only 220 points. A plant for the same 300 coins will bring only 50 points.And that is the meaning now to save up for expensive jewelry, if bought it for 180,000 coins, you will receive 89.010 points. And the same points can be obtained by buying 356 jugs spending only 106,800 coins. Is there enough of these jugs in the shop?:смущенный: Good luck!
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