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Thread: Where are the miningtools...?

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    Where are the miningtools...?

    This regatta season one of the special tasks is collecting clay. But...... how are we to do these tasks (or a regular miningtask) when we hardly get miningtools ever since last update!?

    Me and my friend in co-op both usually send out 12 trains a day at least, so it's not a question of possibility.
    The main thing we get by trains is slabs, slabs, more slabs, and then some other tools, except the..... It's way less then ever before.

    If this continues I dread the season with the special miningtasks.....

    Please give us our miningtools back!

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    I've read posts like this previously when the seasonal tasks require mining tools. I haven't really been taking much notice, but did receive tools on 2 of my last 3 trains.

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    Maybe it just seems like we get less when we have more mining tasks as we are using more tools and looking for them on trains?

    Or...maybe we get less to encourage us to buy more...

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    I always use a lab booster to complete Regatta mining tasks. Saves a lot of tools.

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