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Thread: Yet Again....Player Boosters Being Governed By Fishdom Software

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    Yet Again....Player Boosters Being Governed By Fishdom Software

    And yet again it seems that players are being taken advantage of when it comes to boosters being used in a game level.
    The most recent example of this is level 3909......a Super Hard level.

    I go in to this level with

    Lightning/Dynamite Booster Combo
    Lightning Booster

    Lightning Boosters will never match up, even after 100 resets, they will never match up.
    So I threw in a couple of Bomb Boosters as well, sort of like trying to overcome the Fishdom software....but that software has AI now.

    Never in a million years will the Lightning Boosters ever match up.

    Have to play level 3909 the hard way now - no boosters, otherwise you are just wasting them.
    This level has an objective to ‘clear the oil’......hard to do when there are 2 cannons firing oil cans left, right and center!

    This is a level where one has to ‘think different ‘, think outside the box.
    The solution to winning this level is to go in with minimum boosters, say 2 bomb boosters, and wait until they are set within the top left hand corner of the board.

    That way you can fire them off and start the game, hoping that there will be enough moves left to kill the 2 oil can firing cannons then kill the oil and at the same time to clear the squares

    That’s a lot to ask of a player with no means to pay for extra moves, if required.
    But I managed it, with a further 5 attempts and with 5 moves to spare on my last attempt.

    And it cost me dearly in wasted valuable boosters.......until I looked for a solution ‘outside the box.........’
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    Hate the levels where there are 'bombs' they are totally out of the players control. For me they seem to come when there's"an event"
    I'm presently on level" 1081 I've used up all my boosters,but I'm still under the program writers control and will not be able to win with my own skills,but only when program writers have decided that I have played enough times. This usually happens right when an event has ended.
    I feel manipulated
    N xxx

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    Poor ‘Jaded Ninja’......I know how you feel.....
    I’m on level 3930 now, so I’ve been through what you are going through.

    Just keep your chin up and plough on regardless!
    You will get there........
    Good luck!

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    I don't understand why they make some levels so hard. I am on 3450 now for several days. It seems like they should at least give us some hints after we play the level 50 to 100 times! This is the last day of the Easter event also! I got leveled down in the last tournament and I can't even get in on the new one. I start to wonder why I am wasting time and money on a game. Maybe I should go and have a life.

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    Yeah. This game is like that. Sometimes I watch the You Tube video for a level especially if I'm getting a bonus from the Seahorse. That way I don't 'waste' the bonus. However, the player posting the videos seems to have lots of Seahorse bonuses and regular bonuses so the videos don't really help with strategy to win. Unless, or course, you also have lots of bonuses which I don't have. All you can do is keep trying.

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