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Thread: Display problems

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    Display problems

    My game on level 1154 is not displayed. It's very difficult to match 3 elements when I can't see them.

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    I still can't play, collect eggs, participate in aqua tasks. I'm stuck on this level with an improper black display where the elements should be.

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    I'm assuming that you've done the basics: shut down your device completely and then restarted it, etc. You can try uninstalling and then reinstalling the game if you are sure that you are connected to Facebook before you do that. If none of those work, you are going to have to report this from inside the game at Help and Support. Remember that after you get the canned response from Fishdom, you have to reply that their suggestions didn't help and you still have the problem. You definitely have a bug, but it might be something they need to do on their end.

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    Thanks for the reply. I found how to send a message from inside the game and said I still have a problem.
    I have shut down and restarted my device, cleared cache etc.

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